Friday, 4 January 2013

Do Me A Favour

Do Me A Favour by the Arctic Monkeys

"Well the morning was complete
There was tears on the steering wheel, dripping on the seat
Several hours or several weeks?
I'd have the cheek to say they're equally as bleak."


I had a routine appointment at the thyroid clinic of my local hospital.
I thought I had lucked out.
I got the organ grinder not the monkey.
Everything was looking good.

You know what thought did?
Looks can be deceiving.
It was a fucking car crash!

Oh we danced.
Endo the waltz; proper, predictable.
Me the tango; passionate, sweaty, styling!
Brain versus heart.
Class war.

Endo insists on treating the numbers.
Any fool can paint by numbers.
It takes an artist to create a masterpiece.
I am begging to be the canvas.

Deja vu.

It ended with me heartbroken.
How much more of this can I take?
For you? For me? For us?

I am devastated.
I will not give up.
I don't know how to.


"Do me a favour, break my nose
Do me a favour, and tell me to go away
Do me a favour, and stop asking questions."


Remember, for as long as we have hope we have a chance.

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  1. Beautiful post Robert. I am sorry the struggle you've had with thyroid doctors. I hope 2013 brings you better thyroid health. Thank you for sharing your posts with us. They are inspiring.


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