Friday, 9 November 2012

#6 News Style Post: The Science Behind "Brain Fog" Revealed #NHBPM



We all know that our metabolism is clobbered by hypothyroidism.

But did you know the brain is so energy hungry in humans that it accounts for 20% of the resting metabolic rate?

Twenty percent!

Yet it makes up just 2% of body mass.

No, me neither.

The penny has dropped.

It makes sense now.

My shrink-wrapped brain had been unable to join the dots.

The Guardian, 22 October 2012 : Invention Of Cooking Made Having A Bigger Brain An Asset For Humans

I will regurgitate this information when I next meet my endocrinologist, my doctor, or anyone else who will listen to me for that matter.

Remember, for as long as we have hope we have a chance.

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